Monday, May 3, 2010

texting god?

yeah, so, i've been sending god text messages. it's really interesting actually. i'm a very physical, literal person. i remember things better when i write them down, i understand things better when i SEE them done, and i FEEL more connected something when i take some action in relation to it. i was talking to a sort of "mentor" the other day and she, being one who does this sort of thing, suggested that i pray about letting go of this particular person/situation and about detaching. i got off of the phone and sat and thought that i don't really like to "pray" in the traditional sense. my "prayers" are usually offered through some action....ritual, burning something, etc. i can't just sit, close my eyes, and think a prayer. it doesn't work for me and doesn't feel like i did anything...not to mention my mind usually wanders off in the middle of that "thinking prayer." i was holding my cell phone because i had just gotten off the call and thought "huh. maybe i'll text god." it was just silly, and i smiled, but then i thought "huh! maybe i'll text god!" so, i did. i just addressed the text to "god" and wrote what my prayer would be had i been praying traditionally. i ended it with "thanks, donna" and hit "send." and it sent. and i FELT like i had "prayed." for the rest of the day i was able to let go and detach from the person/situation i needed to let go off and detach from. i've been texting "god" everyday since. i'm not sure where it goes. i don't really care. it's off in the universe and no matter what i "pray" it seems to work! i try not to think too much about where it's going, it doesn't matter...the ACTION is what makes it work for me. i haven't gotten a reply, though...which i'm kind of grateful for. ;)

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