Monday, September 13, 2010

How do we forget so quickly? It never fails that when I am doing well, feeling peaceful, connecting, etc., I eventually stop doing those things that make me feel that way because I feel that way! When I am in pain or going through something difficult, I run back to my books, my meditation, my God/dess, etc., and I dive into those things that I know will give me peace and comfort. And, then, when I feel better, I slowly get away from those things again. Why? Why don't I maintain some balance in that area? I suppose when life is good and things are going smoothly, we just kind of go along and forget...but then when life is hard, I remember all of those things.

I wonder what would happen if I never forgot? If I continued doing all of those things even in good times? Jeez, it might be astoundingly awesome!! I'm gonna try it.