Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow and Being

Today I sat with the snow. It was SO light and beautiful. I love when the flakes are so big and just floating gently down to earth. It's so calming and peaceful. It's not hard to enjoy winter when there's snow on the ground.

It's hard to just "be" when there are so many things happening around you that are challenging. It's hard to spend instrospective time when you are constantly being pulled out of yourself. As a mother of four, homeschooling, taking care of the home, the animals, the partner, etc., etc., it is a challenge to allow my spirit to take this time to be quiet. I find myself stealing moments and just relishing them....5 minutes, 3 minutes, 1/2 hour. Those moments are enough, it seems, or they have to be.

So, I look for balance...the ability to nurture my self and my spirit, while caring for my family and taking care of responsibilities. Allowing my self some quiet and introspective time, while being present to those around me.

And always I remember that I am an individual woman who is having this experience at this moment. This experience will change so I give myself fully to it.

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