Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm thinking again about silence. Over the years, it has become really clear to me that one of my life lessons this time around is one of learning to be quiet. Over and over I am reminded that I need to spend more time in quiet. Whether I need to listen more to others, or listen more to my own inner voice, this is a lesson that I know I am to learn in this lifetime.

When I am spending all my time speaking, I am blocking out the messages coming from other people, nature, and my higher self. So often, I find myself thinking of what I am going to say rather then being quiet and just being in that moment, hearing what is being said to me. There is no room for wisdom, enlightenment, and messages if I am always speaking.

I have been very consciously practicing this and let me tell you, it's freakin hard!!! I am a talker. I enjoy conversation, I love to analyze, I say the same thing in 20 different ways (just ask my's kind of a running joke). I enjoy talking. And I think that's ok....sometimes. But other times I just exhaust myself and I start to feel like all I hear is my own voice. And then I just crave quiet. I crave hearing other people. So, I consciously just stop. I quiet myself. And in those moments I usually hear something valuable or important. Even if it's not some profound may just be hearing my quiet house....but when that silence comes, I am able to really just be in the moment.

I struggle with technology as well. For someone like me, it is really hard to balance. Now there is another way to communicate and we are given another voice. We post in blogs, on facebook, in emails, on forums....our voice is EVERYWHERE and we have this running script in our heads. Technology really adds to that challenge of being quiet and just BEING, for me.

So, I turn off the computer. I stop talking and I try to just be still and listen....listen for whatever it is I am to hear. I look at the person next to me and listen to THEIR words and really hear them. I quiet my mind and really listen, rather then thinking of what I'm going to say in response. I practice and practice and hope that someday I will find a perfect balance.

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