Thursday, February 24, 2011


At my coven meeting last night, we traveled to a pathmaking read by Lady A. It was great! We went to a past life, future, present lifetime past, and the astral plane. I've gotten pretty good at getting to that state where I can travel and visualize. I love it. Last nights' visualization was very cool. The only issue I have is that the room we meet in is rather cold and that makes me aware of my present physical body a little more then I'd like. But, I've been able to go above that pretty successfully as well. I love traveling, though. It was interesting last night because one of the other participants (a young man named Wayne to whose energy I feel really pulled) was flying with me on the Astral plane. He's a young guy, probably early 20s. I don't know, yet, why I feel so pulled to his energy. I'm really enjoying this class. Although I've already learned most of the stuff we're doing, it's really good to start here again and kind of revisit the more basic ideas and practices in Wicca. I am really excited, though, to move on to the next classes in my training.

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