Saturday, February 19, 2011

I have begun study with the training coven, Grove of Gaia. I'm SO EXCITED about this. After years of being solitary, with some circles, informal groups, and even an attempt at forming a coven thrown in, I've really had a longing to really learn and study the craft and be part of a coven that is active and enriching. I think I've found that in the Grove of Gaia. The teacher is Lady Anabelle who I actually know from years and years ago when I attended one of my first public rituals at a local UU church. She's wonderful, has fantastic energy, and is someone I would love to work closely with. There have been two classes so far and I'm enjoying it. I like the other participants and feel especially drawn to a young man (probably in his early 20s) who has sat next to me both classes. He has a wonderful, sincere, sweet energy but i also sense a real power and integrity in him. He's really the only person, other then Lady Anabelle, that I get any real and strong feeling for.

So, beginning another journey, exploring a little more deeply, and nurturing a little more.

My messages from last class:
"Go, Learn"
"It's In the Trees"


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