Sunday, February 20, 2011

I really love receiving messages from the Universe and then spending the following days listening, observing, and finding connections to those messages. It always thrills and excites me. Receiving the message is always cool, but I have to remember that just the reception of the message isn't the WHOLE message and that more is surely to follow (if I am open and paying attention).

The past few days following my last coven meeting have been full of insights, connections, and "Cool!" moments. This is part of why I wanted to join the class. As a solitary, I can't tap into the same things that I can with a group. I need other energies, other magical humans and teachers to introduce perspectives, ideas, and inspiration.

I love when my spiritual self is awake and active and open. I feel like my eyes are open again and that I am in a totally receptive and learning state. My sensitivities are more acute and my abilities more atuned. Although I feel that as a solitary I was always connected and doing good work, this is a different feeling and an enriching way to learn and practice.

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