Thursday, April 7, 2011

On the Path

So, I've been attending the Wicca 101 classes for about 7 weeks or so. They've really been great and have gotten me excited about what comes next. I was formally invited to join the Order of the White Pines which was so exciting. The OWP is a coven of initiates that is part of the Grove of Gaia. This is really exciting to me because it means I'm moving forward. I've felt that I've been sort of circling the same place on the path for some years and am really ready for another stage of development. I feel really good about Grove of Gaia. Lady Annabelle is a beautiful, talented, kind woman who has a wonderful energy about her. The others that I've met from the OWP seem great, as well. Two other people from my class have been invited (there were 7 in the class). One of them is Wayne, the young man I mentioned in an earlier post who I felt kind of drawn to. I'm glad he was invited, although I'm not sure he'll accept since he is busy with college.

I find it curious that I'm entering this new evolution of self at this time. There are things that I can kind of feel on the horizon that will require me to be centered, balanced, and strong. I'm scared, but grateful, and just really hope that my decision to join this spiritual group will be something that is really good for me and my family.

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